In the 19th century Orso Grigio was one of Trento's theatres. At the beginning it was an open theatre, situated in a garden next to Larcher-Fogazzaro palace in Via Mazzini. Later on the garden had been given a permanent roof. There were many successful plays staged at this theatre, including some operas and operettas. Later on it became a Caffe' and then a restaurant.

Time and history still live within the walls and the venue was then chosen by the Decarli family to transform it not into a theatre but into a special restaurant. With Renata heading the kitchen and Fabio managing the front of the house, commitment and dedication to guests are Decarli's utmost priority.

The combinations of the exquisite cuisine, the elegance of the surroundings and the warmth of the hospitality makes Orso Grigio one of the most beautiful places to eat out in Trento.